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Manchester Tech Festival

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17 October 2022 - 21 October 2022 00:00-00:00 ManchesterRegister for Event
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    ​I could immediately tell that this was going to be a place for me to succeed because everyone I spoke with seemed so genuine about their appreciation for Venturi.The training was exceptional, and the support from managers and peers has put every new consultant in a position to succeed. Not only has it been a success in the office, but I’ve already created some fantastic friendships with my colleagues outside of the office. Overall, the people here make it such a great work environment

    A Great Work Environment
    A Great Work Environment Frank DeLeo
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    ​There are so many opportunities for growth and recognition is key, as we have a ‘work hard play hard’ mentality! Being part of a company who value providing first-class service to clients and candidates provides us with the platform we need to turn our own ideas into a reality – there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach and we are trusted to build relationships in a way that allows us to always improve our reputation in the market.​

    Opportunities for Growth
    Opportunities for Growth Issy Shore
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    ​I can count on every single person in this office to be a part of my support system and it's lovely to see and experience every team member boost the others up through every win.Beyond being surrounded by great people, I love being a part of Venturi as it's a place where everyone's strengths are recognized and valued.Each one of us has a different style of work that leads us to success and we are encouraged to leverage our individuality rather than following a script and being put in a box. I think it creates a ton of motivation for each and every person.

    Strengths are Recognized and Valued
    Strengths are Recognized and Valued Abby Walton
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    ​Being a part of Venturi isn’t like any standard recruitment business, the whole togetherness and culture allows anybody to fit in.What excites me the most is that I've been able to work with eCommerce businesses across the whole country and international fashion & retail brands that genuinely interest me!The leadership team here at Venturi are second to none, they always make the time to support and use their experience in a manor that will benefit anyone looking to join Venturi, regardless of level.

    Second to None!
    Second to None! Dean Smallridge
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    ​After joining Venturi I can honestly say I feel at home in a workplace for the first time ever. The vibe at Venturi is second to none – and I thoroughly enjoy just being around my colleagues. We work hard, but enjoy to have a joke or laugh whilst doing it. We get really well looked after here and it’s a very people first focussed business with a Mental Health Therapist, Mindset Coaches, External Trainers, Workout Sessions, Nights out, Trips - you name it we have it here. Venturi are a company that values you and provides you with the support you need.

    I Feel at Home
    I Feel at Home Mark Tipping