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Cara Janes
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Cara Janes

Team Leader - Development UK

​I joined Venturi back in June 2019, I chose to get into recruitment due to its lucrative nature so that I could form my own business and not have to rely on others for my income, I wanted to become even more independent. As soon as I found Venturi I knew it would be the right fit for me, from the interview process I knew the atmosphere was the perfect one to help me flourish.

I became the Team Leader for the Permanent Development team at the end of 2021. I've been teaching cello for about six years now and picked up a few skills doing that which I have been able to transfer to my Team Leader role. The culture within my team and the company as a whole is probably the best part of working here.

I am motivated by my own sense of achievement, something I have been able to demonstrate multiple times by being the top biller on my team and hitting multiple promotions, something that Venturi has helped me achieve every time with great support and training. My biggest inspiration though is my mum, hitting these amazing milestones like being a team leader is thanks to her inspiration.

When I'm not helping my team succeed (or being a top biller) I'm usually playing cello or tennis.

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