The Recruitment Steps

  • 01


    You will apply, or we will proactively get in touch to understand exactly what you want.

  • 02


    We will proactively work on your behalf to approach businesses who could offer you what you are looking for.

  • 03


    We will talk you through the process, what to expect, who you are meeting and provide feedback at each stage.

  • 04

    Offer & Negotiation

    This is often smooth. But where appropriate we can help you to negotiate the fairest and best offer that works for you.

  • 05


    We guide you and give you advice on how to make the transition smoothly, negotiating the hurdles of notice, counter-offers, etc

  • 06


    We stay in touch beyond your first day, ensuring you are happy, integrating in the team well and the role is what you expected!