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Unlocking the Value of Your Data Products: Insights from Data and Analytics Leader Kate Sargent

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​In this episode, we sit down with Kate Sargent, a Data and Analytics Leader, to discuss the importance of valuing your data products.

One of the main takeaways from our conversation is that data on its own doesn't have value. It's only when an action has been made using that data that value is created. Kate breaks down the steps that organizations should take to properly assess the value of their data products, including understanding the potential impact on revenue, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Kate also discusses the importance of creating a data-driven culture within organizations. She explains that this involves not only having the right technology in place but also ensuring that employees understand the value of data and are equipped with the skills to properly analyze and act on it.

Throughout the episode, Kate shares valuable insights and practical advice for organizations of all sizes looking to maximize the value of their data products. Whether you're just starting out in data analytics or are a seasoned pro, this episode is sure to provide valuable takeaways for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in today's data-driven world.